Copperhead Clan

Current Work in Progress

Before I even started thinking about making a run at competition level painting, I had picked up and Age of Sigmar Dominion pack which includes some Orrucks and Stormcast Eternals.

I picked these up due to them being at a pretty steep discount and generally having always been interested in the game. My sister had gotta involved with 40k years before and while I was always vaguely interested in playing, the price point and time consideration was too high.

At this point I wasn't painting anything and so I let the idea go.

But during the pandemic, I figured I would paint a few minis for Dungeons and Dragons. I was feeling pretty crafty with the lockdowns. 

Hobby to Passion

Now listen, I understand how mini painting is not exactly everyone's idea of a good time or even their idea of art. But something clicked and I've never wanted to stop, I've always been artistically inclined, but I never had the talent to be undisciplined, and never been disciplined enough to be thought of as talented.

Now with 2 years of unfocused DnD painting at my back, why not revisit that strange little hobby my Sister was into?

Before I even began to crack into having a wave of grey, I knew I wanted to do more. Do bigger. Do better.

So please; follow along my journey and the painting of the Copperhead Clan.

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