Warboss Model

The Bench Mark

I've always loved the Orks in 40k. 

Their quirkiness, the accent, the slap-shop armor and vehicles. 

I was first introduced to the 40k world through Dawn of War, the PC video game from 2004-2006. Initially, I was drawn to the elf-like Eldar, but I always enjoyed battling the Orks because of their bizarre cutscenes and the unique designs of their camps and characters. The more I learned about them, the more fascinating they became.

Mushroom people who read "The Secret" and made it their whole personality? Count me in.

In fact, my first 40k army, which is still unpainted, was an Ork army. This Warboss will set the tone and design for the rest of the army.

Now I've been painting miniatures since 2021, but it was always D&D minis and while I definitely wanted them to look good, I didn't mind if there were some technical errors or dinginess because they were for personal use and no one was going to critic it.

In starting the road to competition-level painting, I decided to start with a guide to see where my limits were and what I could do to improve. For that reason, I am considering my War Boss my baseline.

If you'd like to compare to what I was attempting Please see "Mediocre Hobbies: How to Paint Warboss in Mega Armour". 

I have named him Guggenheim and his companion Moma.

Materials Used:


I have a pretty large collection of Army Paint, so I worked through them as well. These are ranked by their application.


This is generally new to me so I'm still experimenting, but I wanted this to be a desert scene

Extras and Application

An Airbrush was used to apply the initial black priming. Beyond that the rest of the model was painted with traditional brushes.

The two skulls on the base were from Citadel Skulls (Featured)